How can I remove text from an image?

I have the following image with written text over it. The image is a flat .jpeg, so I don’t have access to the layers:
Click image for full resolution

As you can see, the written text (“SPACE”) is quite big.

My question is: are there any effects/anything I can do in order to remove the text and still keep the background? Or at least hide it a little bit more?


Of course!

Content-aware fill is your best friend in this case.

Just make a selection around the word and go Edit -> Fill -> Content-Aware.

This usually does a pretty good job:

enter image description here

Click image for full resolution

Then you can either go back over it multiple times (maybe in smaller sections) with Content-Aware fill to clean it up, or you can play with the Spot Healing Brush Tool (J) or the Clone Stamp Tool (s).

Source : Link , Question Author : oliverbj , Answer Author : Hanna

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