How can I render Thai strings in Photoshop?

Can anyone tell me how I can use Thai strings on Mac OSX in Photoshop? More than 45 different languages, including all the Asian languages, seem to render just fine. I can also render Thai in other programs, like Word and Excel and Chrome. Photoshop can even render thai characters correctly in the “Layer” palette. It just cannot render Thai characters on the canvas. Any tips on how to get this to work?



First thing you should check is the Language Preferences.

Go to your System Preferences, and in the Languages & Text tab activate the Thai entry. You then have to activate the Thai keyboard when you start to add text in Photoshop.

Also, this might sound quite silly, but make sure you are testing it with a Thai font. Even if everything is set, if you are using a Western font all you’ll see are squares.

This Adobe guide on Asian type might be of help.

Source : Link , Question Author : esilver , Answer Author : Yisela

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