How can I replicate Photoshop’s content-aware fill in Gimp for Windows?

I want to remove an object from a photograph based on the surrounding patterns. In photoshop I could use the Content Aware Fill Tool, but there doesn’t seem to be any built-in alternatives for Gimp on Windows.

Every guide I’ve found on this subject recommends the Resynthesizer plugin, but the description says it is only available for Linux. (The plugin also doesn’t seem to have been updated for a few years)

Is there a tool similar to Photoshop’s content aware fill tool I can use with GIMP for Windows?

Content aware fill


Yes, there is a “resynthesize” plugin. It is available from the Gimp registry (possibly here). But the best way to install it are:

  • on Linux (at least for Ubuntu and derivatives), install package gimp-plugin-registry (it is included in a set of rather useful plugins).
  • On Windows and OSX, the Gimp builds available on include it.

Patdavid has an excellent tutorial on the subject.

Source : Link , Question Author : Stevoisiak , Answer Author : xenoid

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