How can I represent a country with a font?

I am working on a multilingual book about some European Union countries. The selected are: Poland, Greece, Spain, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic, Austria, Turkey and Estonia.

I wish to write a chapter about each country using a font in some way specific for it. The Polish (free) fonts are, e.g., Antykwa Toruńska or Antykwa Półtawskiego.

I would be grateful for any suggestion concerning the remaining countries or the general approach.


For designers there a some straightforward choices, like Bodoni for Italia.

Maybe you want to see what typefaces are used in certain very famous works, e.g. from Mozart for Austria, Gaudi for Spain, maybe Plato for Greece, etc. For GReece, Lithos Pro from Adobe might be an option.

Another option is to look for fonts created for special events, like Olympic games, or World exhibitions etc.

Finally, you could look for names of cities, as designers often choose a name to a certain mood the want to represent their font.
For Spain you could use the Madrid fonts for instance, , for Italia Torino Modern

Source : Link , Question Author : Przemysław Scherwentke , Answer Author : jjdb

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