How can I reproduce this “minimalist” background?

I am making a game and I wanted to make a background for it. It is a board game so I was thinking of keeping it minimal. Surfing the web, I found this picture and got really intrigued by the simplicity and relaxing feeling I get from it. I am a novice at Illustrator and I am wondering on how I can make the background effect that is displayed in the picture.

enter image description here


Edit: I accidentally posted this for Photoshop and failed to notice the Illustrator tag. However, I’ll leave this answer here should anyone find it useful.

Here’s one possible method.

  1. Fill the canvas with a light blue such as #98bcd4

  2. Do Image > Mode > 16bits/channel. This will help reduce banding in the final step.

  3. Choose a large soft edged brush about half the size of the canvas, and lower the opacity to something like 10% in the tool options along the top.

  4. Paint in the middle of the canvas, doing small circular motions with the brush, several times, until you get a nice gradient.


enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : DMH16 , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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