How can I shrink these areas using gimp?

I have an imagemap. I want to shrink to areas that are pink and are overlays when hovering the mouse over the map to highlight the selected region. Now I can’t seem to shrink the pink areas that are used for highlighting the regions. If I press shrink then it seems like only a preview and the areas are not shrunk. I need a way to remove the areas that I want removed.

enter image description here


To scale a selection we can not use the Select > Shrink… tool, as this will only change the dimensions of the selection but not selected area.

To scale a selected image area we can do the following:

  1. Select area to scale.
  2. Create a “floating selection” with Select > Float Shift+Ctrl+L.
  3. Select the floating selection.
  4. Choose the scale tool (Shift+S) to open below dialog from where you can scale by pixel dimensions, metric size, or percentage.
    enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Niklas R. , Answer Author : Takkat

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