How can I simulate a reflective table surface in a photograph of an object?

I’m trying to give a photograph I took a nice reflection on Photoshop. I’ve done this with previous pictures by simply making a copy, flipping it, and fading it out. However, I took this picture in two point perspective (not realizing that it would be difficult to reflect) and the reflection method I’m trying is coming out awful.
What’s a good way to make this reflection work?

The Couple - By Edna K. Silver

This is my attempt at a reflection. It was made by copying parts of the sculpture I thought would appear in the reflection and arranging it until I thought it made sense, though I know it’s not perfect.
What do you think? Please critique.

The Couple, by Edna K. Silver, with reflection


I can’t tell you how to fix it, because I don’t think you can, but here’s some info that might lead to a solution:

enter image description here

The left is an attempt at reflecting 2-point perspective. The challenge is that the reflected object has to adhere to the same perspective points as the regular object. So after flipping, you’ll have to manually adjust each ‘half’ of the reflection. Shearing might be one way to do this (or distort). It won’t be perfect, but might get you mostly there.

Your bigger problem, though, is that given the angle you took the photo, you’re actually using 3 point perspective. So, you need to do the same adjustments (matching perspectives) but you also have to then somehow hide surfaces you wouldn’t normally see in the reflection. For instance, if you are looking at the top surface of an element (in this case the pedestal), you wouldn’t see that surface in the reflection.

Source : Link , Question Author : CodyBugstein , Answer Author : DA01

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