How can I smooth the edges of this font?

I love this font, but I do not like the wavy edges. Is there a way to smooth the edges? I tried things like blur then coming back, but I couldn’t figure it out.welcome font


Some improvement can be obtained like this:

  • Scale down the image to some realistic size (text 200px high)
  • Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur (Size X/Size Y=3-4). Make sure that the top of the o doesn’t become too transparent or you’ll have a cut there.
  • Layer > Transparency > Alpha to selection
  • Select > To Path

At that point you have a path which is a smoothed representation of the text. You just have to “render” it. Since it is a path it can be rendered at any size without losing sharpness.

  • Scale the image to required size.
  • Add a new layer
  • Select > From Path
  • Bucket-fill selection

enter image description here

For a given piece of text, you can also redo a path manually using the initial layer as a guide, removing all the bumps and shakes in the process. A shape like this would require around 400 anchors(*), so, a long evening for you… and under one hour for someone who’s used to the task.

(*) Rendering “welcome” with my usual handwriting fonts yields a path with around 481 anchors, but there are many in the parts of the letters that overlap.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jessica B , Answer Author : xenoid

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