How can I split an image in several layers of same size?

I want to split this image

to split in layers

in several layers, one for each square.

Is there a way to do that?


  • Select the first square
  • Open the action window (alt +f9)
  • Record a new action (bind it to f2 for example)
  • Press Ctrl+C
  • Press Ctrl+V
  • Ctrl+click on the new layer thumb to select it.
  • Press until it is aligned above the next square.
  • Single left click to select the first layer.
  • Stop recording of the action.

You can bind the action to a key and press it repeatedly for each row. After you finish a row select the first square on the next and run the action again.

Now all the squares are seperate layers.

Hope this helps

Source : Link , Question Author : BrunoLM , Answer Author : BrunoLM

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