How can I stop WordPress from catching URL’s for static pages that I save on my server

I posted a question about whether it’s possible to add a Page in WordPress without headers and footers.

Here’s that question: Add a Page without header and menus?

So how can I create a static page with none of the WordPress stuff that appears on all the other pages of my WordPress site, and add html at that url?

How would I do that?



To be honest I think you are asking How can I stop WordPress from responding to URL's for static pages that I save in other directories on my server

Basically its in 2 files

  • your VHOST (which maps to www/some_folder/ )
  • your .htaccess file which manages redirects

So you can do 2 things …
1. get a new VHOST for subdomain so maps to another a folder on your server – or –
2. update your .htaccess file to include redirect urls

your .htaccess file will pick up any requests for urls BEFORE WordPress gets involved.

so you can have and WordPress will manage all requests and then create a rule that says is in www/some_folder/this_page.html

here is an example of code for a redirect to a static page that you can add to your .htaccess file:

#static page redirects here
redirectMatch 301 ^/this_page(.*)$ /this_folder/this_page.htm'  

Source : Link , Question Author : Richard , Answer Author : Damien

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