How can i store pure vector assets, not linked assets, in Adobe Library?

I’ve been using Adobe Library in illustrator to store shapes I use often. but i’ve come across a problem.

I first make a shape I want to store:

enter image description here

I then drag it into Adobe Library:

enter image description here

But when it comes to use this asset again, i drag it out of the library and onto my artboard. However, it’s a linked file and not a vector graphic. You can see the difference straight away. original shape on the left, Library shape on the right:

Here they are next to eachother

Confirmed by checking the links panel:

enter image description here

I know it’s possible, technically, to add pure vectors to Adobe Library.As i’ve used the Adobe Capture app to grab stuff when i’m out and about. For example this shape:

enter image description here

Is totally a vector when i drag it onto my artboard:

enter image description here

Am i missing some basic function here or is this simply a case of Adobe giving a different (and more limited) functionality for the desktop application?


This is because Illustrator now creates Linked Assets.

In previous versions of Illustrator CC, every graphic asset, once dragged from the Libraries panel into an Illustrator document, was no longer linked in any way to the original asset. Consequently, modifying the original asset in a library had no effect on the copy used in the document. Illustrator assets dragged from a library were ‘unlinked assets’.

However, from Illustrator CC 2015, with the Linked Assets feature, an asset dragged from a library to a document is a ‘linked asset’. This is the new default behavior. Each modification made to the asset in the Library affects all its linked copies used in Illustrator document(s).

Think of it as a Smart Object in Photoshop. It is still stored exactly as exactly the same vector, the only difference is how it is brought in to your document. You can double click the asset and it will open in a new Illustrator tab and you can edit it there, and it will update everywhere that asset is used.

If you want to bring in your assets unlinked so that they are editable in your document and won’t sync with your library asset hold alt while dragging it from the Libraries panel.

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