How can I talk about drawing and at the same time avoid the assumption that I am only talking about analogue drawing?

In my day-to-day life, I instruct people to deal with problems that have a geometrical or topographical nature. And usually there is a critical step in the process that requires one to draw a picture to explain the problem to oneself and others.

Now if I tell people to draw an image, most people will seemingly gravitate into thinking that when I say draw, it means pen and paper. To be honest I don’t really say that that is necessarily a bad option, just not my intention to give a narrow picture like this. People in this case are most often a mix of engineering, business and art students. Though quite often also people that have already graduated.

So how do I talk about drawing and make it clear that i am not only talking about traditional methods? While I have nothing against having the discussion of what to use, it is often not so fruitful to the task at hand. Also I do not want devolve the discussion into I don’t know how to draw or I don’t know any software, because again I’m not always there to talk about tools.

So how do I – politely and without insulting the intelligence of the audience – convey this message that I mean drawing in the broadest of possible terms?


Create an image….” then you could add… “…using whatever method you prefer.”

By merely swapping the word “draw” with “create” you broaden the perception of the processes. “Draw” to most will just inherently mean by hand… and most never see holding a mouse as “drawing”, and few ever think of a tablet (unless they use one). I’m not stating that’s accurate, just how I’ve seen people perceive “draw”.

By using “create” you free the listener up to immediately jump to their preferred method for creation in their mind. Some will jump to pen and paper, some to digital means.

Someone tells me to “Create a circle” I think digital, until more info is received… someone tells me to “create a logo” I think pen and paper, at least for initial phases.

Source : Link , Question Author : joojaa , Answer Author : Scott

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