How can I test the responsiveness of my non-hosted website on my phone?

I wonder if there is a similar tool to Skala Preview (it is for live preview of photoshop work on your iPhone via Wifi) to test my web design (index.html and its assets folder) onto mobile phones (iPhone, Android and WinPhone). I need to check that viewport, mediaqueries and other design questions are working as expected…

I already use Resizer but it is not to test directly on mobile devices, I don’t want an emulator. I have tried Dropbox and Drive, but that last one doesn’t work on mobiles and both are so tricky of use. I am not a developer and I don’t understand the most of those strange languages beyond HTML and CSS… But I can’t believe there’s no an easy way to do what I am asking for. It shouldn’t be so difficult!

Thank you in advance 🙂


You could try GhostLab…it’s awesome but also Premium. It allows you to test your designs live on every device with no need of Hosting, just with your local machine and internet connection.

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