How can I turn my old tablet PC into a Cintiq-like pen tablet?

I’ve been searching on internet but with no success… I have a old Fujitsu ST5020D Wacom Penabled tablet pc. As you know, a 1ghz Celeron + 256MB RAM wouldn’t fill my needs as working on Adobe Master Suite tools.

Is there a way to work on my ST5020 as a external Pen Tablet, working as a input/output device for my computer running Illustrator & Photoshop?

As summary, is there a way to turn my ST5020 into a Cintiq like tablet?


I have a project that does just this. (With a slightly different model tablet). See here .

The steps include:

  • installing four pieces of custom software on the main Windows PC: a virtual network serial port, an alternate Wacom driver, a VNC server, and a batch file to simplify connection.
  • replacing the operating system of the tablet PC with a custom .ISO by the author, based on Linux Slitaz. NB: THIS WILL DESTROY ANY DATA ON YOUR TABLET’S HARDDISK – so only do this if you’re happy for your tablet PC to be used only as a Cintiq like tablet

Source : Link , Question Author : João , Answer Author : user56reinstatemonica8

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