How can I “un-activate” the active layer in GIMP?

I like to use GIMP with the show layer boundary setting on so that when I’m working with a layer a dashed border appears around it.

enter image description here

However, once I am finished working with the layer – and I’d simply like to view and consider the state of the image – I’d like to dismiss the border by deselecting/deactivating the layer as I find the dashed border distracting.
So far the best solution I have come up with is to select another layer – that is less prominent, but this is not ideal, I’d like it to go away completely.
To be clear, I want to keep show layer boundary on so that in general active layers are bordered, I just want the border to go away by having no layers selected/active.
How can I do this in GIMP 2.8?


You could select a channel instead of a layer (that is usually a major problem actually). One functionality that creates a new channel, and move the focus to it is Select->Save to channel – it works regardless of an active selection existing or not.

You can assign a shortcut to it (enable Dynamic keyboard shortcuts in preferences->interface, then hover over the Save to channel option on the select menu and press a key for it (I like to use numbers 1-9 as shortcuts)) – then you can at any time hit “1”, followed by ctrl + l (to make the Layers dialog visible again if you want) – and the focused drawable will be the channel, which is always the same size as the image.

Source : Link , Question Author : the_velour_fog , Answer Author : jsbueno

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