How can I write in other languages in Photoshop?

In other languages, alphabets can combine characters into symbols. I don’t know if Photoshop can do that. Is there a clean way to do it, or a special plugin (preferably free)?. Maybe there is some hackish way like opening 3 programs and then writing in one, clearing in 2nd and then pasting in 3rd.

I mean Photoshop is used in other non english countries. What do they do? Or Adobe doesn’t care about them?


As far as my knowledge goes all you need is a font that is available in your language of preference to be installed on to your machine (provided it should be a photoshop compliant font). In my case I used a Hindi font with ease provided I had a Hindi keyboard layout available with me. I did this using Adobe Photoshop CS4. Hence if you’re using a CS5 or a CS6 the software would be backward compatible and would serve the same way as it did in my case.

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