How can I write requirements for a graphic designer?

A friend of mine is in need of some graphic design work. I’m trying to explain to him that his make-me-something-like-X-but-different-approach is not a very good way to communicate his needs. We tried to write down some of the specifics that a graphic designer would need in order to limit the back & forth of “not getting it right”–but were limited by our own lack of visual-imagination (hence, why he needs a graphic designer).

What are some of the questions graphic designers need to know in order to begin working?

The project is a layout/character design for a mobile app game.


You need a Creative Brief.

The graphic designer you approach should have one to give to you. Here are a number of topics to consider, though this is for large projects and some of the subjects may not apply for you:

Project Background

  • Who are you and what do we need to know about you?
    Give some background information on how this project came about.

  • What have you done in the past?
    Give a brief explanation of what you need from the graphic designer.

The Market

  • What are the current trends and challenges you’re facing in your industry/ies?
  • What are your competitors doing?
    Provide information that you feel is relevant such as articles, reports or statistics.


  • What is the desired end result?

  • What do you want the target audience to do after this communication? Go on your website? Try out the product? Understand it better? Increase awareness of your brand?

  • Try to include some SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-constrained) targets aswell, for example:

‘Gain 500 Facebook likes by August’ or ‘Increase footfall by 5% this quarter’

Target Audience

  • Who is the intended target audience for this communication?
  • Can you imagine the type of person you are trying to reach out to?
  • How do they feel towards the market?
  • What are their attitudes towards the product/service?
  • How should they perceive your brand?


  • What is so great about the product/service?
  • What is the importance?
  • What is the most compelling and persuasive message that will encourage your audience to do what you want?
    Try to keep it as simple as possible and benefit-led.

Benefits and Support for the Proposition

  • How can you prove the proposition is true? (if applicable)

    Provide a short list of benefits that support the proposition, directly and indirectly.

The Offer

  • Is there anything else that will prompt your target audience to act?
  • If so, what? and how important is it..?


  • What’s the first thing you want your intended audience to do on completion of this communication?
  • Go on the website? Give you a call? Buy your product/service? Book an appointment?

Tone of Voice

  • The mood of the design, how it should feel to the audience.
  • Ideally you should try to think of an analogy that has an identifiable personality consistent with what you want; a famous person; a car; a brand; whatever fits.

Brand Profile

  • What are the most important aspects of your brand?
  • What are your brand values, vision, character and personality?


  • What are the required outcomes from this project?
    A website, a poster?
  • What size should the poster be?
    Include your specific guidance or requests.


  • What MUST be included?
    Your logo, strapline, any legal information, T’s & C’s?
  • What constraints must be adhered to?
    Time? Budget? Colours? Formats?

Additional Information

  • Include any references, websites, info, guidelines, previously designed materials etc.

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