How can one design (a deathstar) on a sphere?

I’m trying to design a death star like image in 10 gores to be printed out as stickers and be applied on a perfect sphere.

I first tried to design a simple flat deathstar image:

enter image description here

And use a program that crops the image into 10 gores:

enter image description here

As you can see, if one would stick these gores on a sphere the image would be totally distorted, this can especially be seen on the circle but is present all over the image.

How can I design a image like the second image which is not distorted?

Thanks in advance!


Try going the other way. It might be faster. It will be more accurate.

Draw your design on a “blank” globe.

Cover the globe with tracing paper. (Cut gores into a blank sheet of tracing paper. Wrap the globe using your cut template)

Sketch the DeathStar onto the paper cover of the globe.

Unwrap the paper cover “template” noting placement, shape and direction of the elements that seemed distorted in your initial attempt.

Source : Link , Question Author : Tristan Mzr , Answer Author : Stan

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