How can this bitmap-style text effect be achieved?

enter image description here

I’d like to replicate it but I’m not sure what kind of bitmap would be necessary.

An alternating, vertical line maybe? But then I still don’t know how to get the areas of solid.


Here’s how to create something similar in Photoshop…

Create a low res, greyscale document and add your text in a layer as a 50% tint of black (the 50% will give the checkerboard effect later).
enter image description here
Next add some noise (this will produce the random filled in dots). Go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise and pick a low amount to add (I used 15%) then go to Edit > Fade Add Noise and change Normal to Darken (because we only want to add dots, not create holes too). The result should look something like this…
enter image description here
Next, go to Image > Mode > Bitmap and select settings that will keep the same resolution and choose Halftone Screen as the Method, like this…

enter image description here

Click OK and then choose the following settings (the frequency needs to match the resolution of your image)…

enter image description here

You will now have a checkerboard pattern with the odd random dots filled in, the last step is to vertically scale this so that the ‘dots’ are stretched. The final result should look something like this…
enter image description here

You’ll need to tweak the initial resolution and the amount of noise to your tastes and then you just need to colour it up as required.

Source : Link , Question Author : Simon Rogers , Answer Author : Westside

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