How come my link is overlooked?

I’m fairly new to designing. As of now, I have this design:

webpage design
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As you can see there is a small link in the upper right corner (Upload Prenda Link). When clicked, it toggles the an uploading div to look like this:

website design
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and vice versa..

The link itself looks like the user will not be able to see it immediately or he/she may overlook it while using the web page.

How can I call attention to this link so it will not be overlooked?


The problem with your link is proximity and emphasis.

If you want people to notice it you need to add design to the entire page such as background colors to direct the user to different parts. That is a starting point for adding emphasis to the Upload Prenda.

Depending on what you do with backgrounds, graphics, and the design you may also need to adjust the Proximity. This means to move the element closer to the rest of the content, so a user can understand they are related. If you look at Gestalt Proximity you’ll see the orange dots in different grouping patterns and proximity to each other. In your current design it is as if you have a group of dots at the top of the page, another group in the middle, and then a lone dot “Upload Prenda” off on the side. It needs to be grouped either visually, spatially, or both with the rest of the content.

I hope this helps you.

Source : Link , Question Author : user2705620 , Answer Author : Ryan

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