How could I simplify a pattern tile with A LOT of repeated mini squares?

I’m designing a nonwoven fabric (the panels size will be 69″x92″). The repeat tile measures 21″x21″ and I need to repeat mini squares that measure 1/32″ each. Above the layers containing these mini squares, the pattern tile will have other elements.

I designed the squares and then repeated them using Effect –> Distort&Transform –> Transform. As you can imagine, the anchor points are too many: my RAM is almost exploding and I really need to find another solution. Repeating the final pattern would be impossible.

I tried to simplify the path with Object –>Path–>Simplify, but it’s not enough.

Do you have any suggestions?

I should also specify that I’m repeating these little squares in order to give a “fabric texture” effect to a nonwoven fabric. Any other ideas to recreate a woven effect would be more than welcome.
enter image description here

Thank you so much.


Have you tried actually creating a repeating pattern, as opposed to duplicating the object a bunch of times?

First, create a bit of squares that you want to repeat.


Then, go to Object > Pattern > Make


This will bring up the pattern options.


Once your pattern is created, you will see it in the swatches panel.


Then you only need to create a large rectangle and fill it with your pattern.

Source : Link , Question Author : Erica , Answer Author : Manly

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