How do I add a border to multiple images in photoshop?

I have thousands of images where I need to add a border onto. I’ve been trying to automate this tedious process but I don’t seem to succeed at it. I’ve been playing around with the automate, actions and image processor feature.

These are the steps I’ve done manually to create the result I’d like with 1 image.

  1. Create a new document with 13 cm width by 10 cm height
  2. Change the white background into a black background
  3. Load the image onto the canvas (by dragging) note: it will automatically center
  4. Save the image

Original example: Wikipedia

End result example:

enter image description here

Hopefully someone can explain to me which steps I need to take in order to automate this.


  1. The most important thing is that all of the images are centered in the middle, the border size itself doesn’t really matter so it basically needs to full up the space. That’s why I was using the background itself as a border instead of adding a rectangle manually.

  2. Most of the images are the same size but not all of them, same of them are made with an older camera.

    I also separated the horizontal and vertical photo’s. I could’ve rotated all of them but that seems to be more time consuming than separating them.

  3. The canvas size must be 13 width and 10 height for horizontal photo’s and 10 width and 13 height for vertical photo’s. The photo will always be centered in the middle so that it will created borders on two sides.


This is not exactly the proper way but I’ve managed to do it this way:

1) Create a duplicate folder with all the images that you would like to frame and place it somewhere you’d be able to easily find it. If you have both portrait and landscape shots, you would have to separate it into two different folders.

2) In photoshop, open the first image from the folder you have just made by the selecting File > Open, or use the shortcut cmd + o or ctrl + o.

3) Open the Actions panel located on the sidebar or through Window > Actions, and click on the folder icon to create a new set (just to be safe and have it be more accessible) and name it accordingly. Then on the new set you’ve made, create a new action by clicking the page icon, name the action accordingly and begin recording. I left the function key as none to lessen any complications.

4) When this is done, the action would’ve begun recording and you can see the red recording dot. Begin the first action by by creating a new layer and filling it with a black background.

5) Unlock the image layer and move the black background layer to the bottom.

6) Then, select the image layer and access the transform panel by the cmd + t shortcut and right click to select scale. Adjust the vertical scale variable at the top column to a percentage that you are comfortable with. Make sure to adjust the horizontal scale variable by the same percentage so that your image does not warp and then hit Enter to make your selection.

7) Activate the crop tool (make sure cropping option is set at unconstrained) and adjust the horizontal sliders to crop away the black strips at the side and hit enter to make your selection when you are happy with the cropping followed by flattening the layers together.

8) At this point, you can stop recording the action and close the image WITHOUT saving any changes.

9) When there are no files open, Select File> Automate > Batch and it will bring you to an batch option dialog. Choose the set and action that you have named accordingly as well as the source folder (the duplicated folder you made it in the beginning). Leave all the other options unchecked. For Destination > Select Save and Close and check the “override action save as command” option. When you are ready, click Ok and the automation will begin and you can go on to do other tasks.

I hope this has been helpful and would appreciate asl wel if anyone could come up with a more “correct” procedure or easier way to it.

Source : Link , Question Author : John , Answer Author : oneqeightyfour

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