How do I automate the creation of this pattern in Adobe Illustrator?

enter image description here
I want to replicate this pattern in Ai. However, I am unable to replicate the small detail that these lines are not aligned in a straight line and instead point towards a point in the canvas, more like how iron filings align themselves to face a magnet.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated, thanks!


The best way I can think of is to use EFFECTS – BLUR – RADIAL BLUR, but this rasterizes your lines.

Step 1: make rows and columns of dots:
Make 1 dot, hold Shift + Option/alt and drag over a copy, then Command/Control + D to duplicate it across the top at equal spaces. Then select the row, hold Shift + Option/alt and drag it down roughly square, and then Command/Control + D to duplicate it down to fill the board. You can get more technical if you want of course, but I’m too lazy for that.
radial blur step 1

Step 2: Selecting only the dots (I put mine in a separate layer first)

effects - blur - radial blur

Step 3: choose your settings, be sure to choose ZOOM. For a 5×3 inch pieces, these were my settings:

radial blur settings

You should get somthing like this:
enter image description here

So just play around with the settings until you’re happy with the result. I usually create multiple copies of the “dots” layer, so I can go back and forth easier.

Source : Link , Question Author : Adarsh Sosale , Answer Author : Christy

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