How do I avoid round corners in an text with outline/stroke?

Some time ago I managed to add this text (see below) to a logo at 512 x 512 px.
I reproduced the black text using Arial Bold 200 with kerning at -20 in Paintshop Pro.

However, if I try to feather, expand or contract in Paintshop Pro or Photoshop, I end up with a much more rounded inner area (shown in white below). I’ve also tried using a smaller font, but I can’t get it to match the right size of the black border.

My question is, how do I produce the outlined text (as shown below), where the black text is at the size mentioned above, in Paintshop Pro or Photoshop?

I need to generate a much larger image, 1024 x 1024 px, so I can’t just scale it up as it will look awful.

Note that although I have scaled up this image for the benefit of this question, the text is anti-aliased in the final image.

enter image description here


I think it might be beyond Photoshop’s capabilities. The effect can’t be done with usual border algorithms, since they’ll always fail at the corners for this. They treat corners as points, and draw an arc with the set radius around it, thus making things round.

There might be an outline font for that somewhere, or you could try to find another program to do it.

Adobe Illustrator works quite nicely:

Word FREE outlined

White background with black stroke on default settings (Miter Join for corners).

Source : Link , Question Author : Jules , Answer Author : Hrulga

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