How do I break a combined shape into separate pieces?

So I am trying to create a ring/donut chart in Sketch 3 and I created two circles, a large and a small one and subtracted the small circle from the large circle to get a ring shape. Then I went around and subtracted pieces from the circle with rectangle shapes to get something like this:
enter image description here

When I roll my mouse over the shape I can see the outlines of each individual section of the circle.
enter image description hereIf I want to be able to change the color of each individual piece, is there a way to split the shape into (in my case) 6 different shapes?


so, here are a few steps that should make for a smooth sailing:

  • create necessary shapes (circle at the bottom, several rectangles starting from the circle center (or lines that you will later need to expand to rectangles again), then a circle for the donut hole
  • select all shapes and use “substract”. This should bring us to your screenshots.
  • select the combined shape and “flatten” the shape. This will break the initial shapes you had to separate slices. You still won’t be able to recolor them separately
  • select all slices in the layer palette and drag them out of their group
  • now you can select each one separately and apply colors and styling.

Creating donut charts in Sketch

Source : Link , Question Author : Kim , Answer Author : Spasimir Dinev

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