How do I change the colors of Shadows and Highlights like Instagram in Photoshop? [closed]

Ok let s pretend we re about to upload a photo to instagram and we click the tool button that is on top to the very right. Then we click the “color” option and we have a choice to change the color of the shadows or highlights to any of the colors listed (yellow, orange, red, etc.).

Now my question is, how would I do that in photoshop???? I only want the shadows in the photo to change to a specific color but I don t want anything else in the photo to be affected by that color. So how do I do that?

Another way to think of this effect that I sort of want to achieve is the album cover of: Havana Brown We Run the Night. Basically just changing only the shadows in a picture to a color.

Help would be appreciated! Thanks!


enter image description here

enter image description here

Ok so this is basically what I tried to do through illustrator, but I want to know how to achieve the instagram effect through Photoshop. The instagram pictures is what I want to achieve. (Black shoe is original photo, red shoe is the shadows changing color)


The two easiest ways to do this is either Color Balance or Curves. Color Balance as many functions in Photoshop is doing the curves for you. On your layer panel click the Black and White circle at the bottom and choose Color Balance adjustment layer, then switch Tone to Shadows and push up the Blue to your desired amount. You can then fine tune it using Opacity or Masks after if you want:

enter image description here

What its basically doing is a Curves Adjustment switching to Blue and then raising the shadow into the blue hue:

enter image description here

For further control you can read about Luminosity Masks but they might not be necessary for what you’re currently working on.

Source : Link , Question Author : Bekah , Answer Author : Ryan

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