How do I colorize text with eyedropper?

If I have a text that I want to have the same color as an object I can’t select the text and then use the eyedropper tool to get the color from a (for example) rectangle. The text will get the Fill correctly, but the text will still be black. This is because the Characters layer is above the Fill layer in Appearance. How can I use the eyedropper to change color on text?

I should add that the eyedropper works sometimes, but not all the time. Sometimes the fill ends upp under “Characters”, thus the fill color isn’t shown.

The text has gotten it's properties from the rectangle but is still black


It’s your Eyedropper settings. Double-click the Eyedropper tool to open the Eyedropper Settings. Uncheck the Appearance box under the, “Eyedropper Picks Up” column.

If you’ve been trying to sample colors before changing this setting, you may have to clear the appearance by clicking on the Appearance palette options and choosing the, “Clear Appearance” option.

Source : Link , Question Author : Henrik Ekblom , Answer Author : Ben

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