How do I combine a line and a circle

I have two shape paths and I want to combine them into a single path, but after trying all options in the pathfinder tab, I haven’t achieved the desired result. All of them just delete the line.

Here’re the shapes.

enter image description here

And these are their layers.

enter image description here

How do I combine them into a single path so that I could align, move and reshape it as if it were a continuous shape?

Edit 1

The expand button seems to be disabled.

enter image description here


If you want 1 shape from these two you can Expand them and Unite them via Pathfinder

Second, you can just Group them – they will save the relations to each other

Third, you can Make Compound Path from these shapes…

Fourth, you can use Shape Builder tool to unite them via shift-click-drag

Source : Link , Question Author : Morgan Wilde , Answer Author : Ilan

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