How do I connect 2 iCloud accounts to a single iCloud Photo Library

I am trying to have all the photos from both my iPhone and my wife’s iPhone linked to the same iCloud Photo Library so from both of our devices we can have access to the same Photos without needing the same iCloud account on both devices.

Is this at all possible or is there a workable work around that will get the same functionality?


You need to have an iCloud id just for photos – Login on both devices using a (perhaps new) iCloud id which your photos will ‘live’ in. Turn off mail, contacts, calendars and reminders and notes on both devices for this shared iCloud id. So from now on, to apple’s iCloud servers, it appears both iPhones are owned by the same “person”.

After this, set up your mail id on your iPhone and your wife’s mail on hers so you have access to your individual email accounts (you can also active contacts, calendars and reminders for this account so they appear on your respective iPhones).

Note: You will be sharing the same iCloud photo library, but also the same iCloud Safari passwords and wallet – but if you are sharing with one another all photos taken from your iPhones then this is (perhaps) a moot point…

Source : Link , Question Author : Jon Cahill , Answer Author : efo

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