How do I convert a color transparent PNG to white (not B&W) transparent PNG?

I’m trying to create two states for an image. I have a color transparent png icon and I need a duplicate of it that is a ‘white’ transparent png. This will be used in for a mouseover effect in CSS (fading from one to the other). I’ve seen the end result of this before but am not sure how to go about actually producing this myself.

I do not need B&W or desat, but need pure ‘white’ transparent version that when a single color layer is put underneath it then detail of the white transparent icon is shown.

Can someone tell me how to achieve this in photoshop or similar?


Two different approaches:

  1. Use the Magic wand selector to select the transparent area (as a non-contiguous selection)
  2. Invert the selection
  3. Draw a white filled rectangle over the icon or Fill the selection with white
    • the selection should prevent edits outside the icon area.


  1. Lock the transparency/alpha layer. (This must be done from the layers palette)

    enter image description here

  2. Draw a white filled rectangle over the icon or Fill the image with white

    • the transparency lock prevents any changes to the transparency (i.e. the alpha channel)

alt textalt text

Either way, I’m not sure how the result is going to be useful to you.

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