How do I convert the width from pixels to inches at 300 dpi?

I was asked to change the images to 300 dpi tiff files at a width between 3.5″ to 5″. The image properties show the width in pixels only. How do I resize the width in pixels to fit the width between 3.5″ to 5″ at 300 dpi? Thank you.


300 PPI (pixels-per-inch) means 1 inch = 300 pixels. From that you should be able to work out your sizes relatively easy.

If you know the pixel dimensions and need to work out the physical dimensions based on 300 PPI, just divide your pixel value by 300. For example:

You have an image that is 1,200×1,200 pixels.

1,200 / 300 = 4

So if you are printing at 300PPI, your image will be 4×4″.

If you know the physical dimensions and need to know what pixel dimensions you need, just multiply your inches by 300. For example:

You need a 2×2″ image at 300PPI.

2 x 300 = 600

So your image needs to be 600×600 pixels.

Note DPI and PPI are used interchangeably a lot of the time but it should really be PPI.

Source : Link , Question Author : CCI_double , Answer Author : Cai

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