How do I copy a layer with its applied effects?

How do I copy a layer in Photoshop in the traditional method of selecting an area and CtrlC while maintaining the layer and it’s applied effects?

I don’t want to drag and drop the layer; I prefer the way FileNew will set the size of the new canvas to the size of the selected area.


Right-click/Control-click the layer (or group) you wish to duplicate.

Chose Duplicate Layer/Group...

Select New from the Document drop down and hit OK.

Choose Image -> Trim, tick the Transparent Areas option and hit OK.

One important aspect to be aware of is Global Lighting. If your layer styles are using something other than the default for Global Lighting, they may be reset to the Global Light default when doing the above. You may find it necessary to choose Layer > Layer Style > Global Light... and set that to the correct degree after creating the new document.

Source : Link , Question Author : Toni Leigh , Answer Author : Scott

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