How do I copy icon designs from Photoshop to Illustrator in order to turn them into .svg?

I’m a newbie in creating font icons from .svg. I created some icons in Photoshop (.psd), and now I want to copy all of them to Illustrator to create an .svg file but I don’t know how to do it. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.


If they’re created as shapes in Photoshop using the pen tool you should just be able to copy paste them into Illustrator.

I’ve created my own fonts the same way in Illustrator using

Just create a new illustrator doc and paste each character into a new layer. Save each character as an .svg and then import them all into Fontastic. Sometimes fontastic can crash when doing multiple icons so if this happens you might have to import them individually.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Source : Link , Question Author : Hung PD , Answer Author : Neil Hanvey

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