How do I create an outline around a raster image?

Let’s say I have a PNG image (with transparent background) like the below simplified example.

What is the quickest way with either Illustrator or Photoshop to create a vector path/image (i.e., ideally using straight lines, bezier curves, etc. as opposed to raster pixels) that traces around the outline of this object, without manually hand-tracing the outline?

enter image description here


You have so many options with “Automatic Tracing Solutions”

  1. using Photoshop by CTRL select your layer and convert the marquee into Path.
  2. using trace in Illustrator
  3. using Corel Trace if you have
  4. using a free online tool called “Magic Vector” and it can convert your scanned image into any vector format. personally I prefer this tool so much, as it is the most accurate tool I have ever seen.

Source : Link , Question Author : boardbite , Answer Author : hsawires

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