How do I create color swatch for Photoshop from a list of RGB values?

I have a list of colors as RRR GGG BBB in a text file and I need to use only those colors to create my images. I’d like to be able to load those colors to Photoshop’s color palette (swatch). Is there a way to automate swatch creation process from within Photoshop or some other way to create swatch file from a list of colors as a text file?

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Upd: I have lots of colors in the list and my list is not the only one, users are supposed to have easy way to convert the list into Photoshop compatible swatch file so we can all start drawing right away.


ASE is Adobe Swatch Exchange Format. Unfortunately, it is a binary format, but fortunately, people have made source code available for ASE encoding scripts. See for instance ( ).

Adobe may support ACBL format (XML) or ACF format (text), but they appear to be legacy formats and do not show up in the “load swatches” file types options.

This doesn’t always mean they aren’t supported, but you will need to get your file dialog to ignore the file-type filter:

windows, type *.* in the file name box and hit enter

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