How do I create new objects from existing nodes in Inkscape?

I’ve been trying to edit an Inkscape diagram I’ve created; there’s a segment I’d like to separate from the rest of the shape it belongs to and turn it into a separately-editable shape (for which I can adjust the fill and stroke separately from the rest of its currently associated shape). enter image description here


  1. Select your shape and switch to edit path by nodes.
  2. Create two new nodes on the border of your shape where you want to detach it by double clicking at the respective position.
  3. Select those nodes and break path at selected nodes.
  4. Path → Break Apart.
  5. If this produces more than two objects, deselect the part you want to detach and Path → Combine.
  6. If you want the objects to be “closed” at the cut, select a single object, edit path by nodes, mark the two nodes where you cut the path and join selected endnodes with a new segment. (This may also fix some weird issues, if the former step was necessary.)

Source : Link , Question Author : Josh Pinto , Answer Author : Wrzlprmft

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