How do I “cut out” an icon with a background in Illustrator?

I am having some difficulties trying to delete the space where I created a simple ‘+’ icon.
Here are some images for reference.

What I am starting with...

The icon cut out and is vector in the middle...

I hope this explains what I am trying to accomplish. Sorry for not using technical terms, I do not know them!



You don’t mention the software package. The generic term(s) for using one shape to alter another one in this manner are: “intersection” “subtraction,” “union/merge,” and “XOR (eXclusive OR)”.

You can search the documentation for your software for terms that look like these. Often they are under an “object” menu and in adobe products, they are on a palette which may be accessed via the “window” menu (“Pathfinder”).

Source : Link , Question Author : user2896162 , Answer Author : horatio

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