How do I delete an object over something, and have the shape of where it was stay with nothing there?

I apologize for the title, I can’t explain for my life… But the problem i’m having is, I am trying to create a blank space over a letter.

You can see in the screenshots that I have two elbow shapes over an A and an O. I would like to delete them, but have the effect that they make remain.

I have searched online for a solution for this, but alas, there is nothing that can help me.

I even tried masking, but it didn’t work.

If anybody could either help me out here, or link me to a YouTube video explaining how to do this, I would be forever grateful.


Thank you for posting this question in the Graphic Design SE site. This can be easily done with the pathfinder window (within the top “Window” menu you can find this window).

Procedure is as follows:

  • Select the text and go to the “Type” menu in the top and select the option “Create Outlines”.

  • Continue to select the two intersecting objects (in this case, the text and the elbows).

  • Select the “Minus-Front” option (second box) from the Path Finder.

  • Enjoy the result.

More information can be found in the following YouTube Video.

Source : Link , Question Author : Fari Network , Answer Author : Hans

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