How do I depict a ramp from a top down 2D perspective?

I’m writing an android app and can’t figure out how to display a ramp (could be a bump, like a speed bump, but preferably a ramp) from a top down 2d vie


I would consider just skewing the ramp 1 or 2 degrees and giving it a little dropshadow. It may not be real, but it gives the illusion of depth.

Key is that your global illumination stays the same. This means that you let shadows cast the same way and that your light source is directed the same way. Otherwise it feels out of place

Here is a simple example. The rest is up to you 🙂

Edit: I added a trapezoid version to show you how that would look. Great tip from Abhranil Das, I overlooked the perspective in that part. It’s just a slight enhgancement but it works very well!

Ramp up and a full ramp

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : farm ostrich , Answer Author : Roberto De Vivo

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