How do I disable Photoshop CC’s taskbar grouping in Windows 10?

The standard hotkey convention in Windows is that ALT+TAB switches between programs and CTRL+TAB switches between documents within a program.

Photoshop for some reason wants to treat every document it has open as a separate process, which means if I open Photoshop while developing a website, then open a number of different documents, my task switching gets all screwed up because Photoshop has elevated every document to the level of importance of a separate program.

Photoshop Taskbar Grouping

Is there any way to disable this? I know you can disable taskbar grouping across the board, but this doesn’t solve the problem. Instead it gives me four separate Photoshop items in the taskbar, which is even worse.

Ungrouped Photoshop Tasks

How can I get Photoshop to be a little more humble and just occupy one task slot, like a normal, well-behaved program?


Photoshop usually does that when your documents are not Consolidated to tabs. if they are not tabbed, well Photoshop will treat them as different windows(For specific reasons, sometimes you need to see different thumbnails of Photoshop documents in your task bar preview).

Usually a quick trick is going to the Window >> Arrange >> Consolidate All to Tabs (Any of the options listed within the Arrange sub menu will do the trick)

All you have to know is that if your document windows, are not arranged in tabs, they get to be represented separately in the task-bar preview

Source : Link , Question Author : Nathan Ridley , Answer Author : iamcastelli

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