How do I draw these lines in Illustrator?

I am trying to reproduce a poster I found, but I don’t know exactly how to reproduce these concentric red lines inside the black circle.

enter image description here

I tried to use spirals but it didn’t quite do the work. I could draw one by one but I am sure there is a better way!


This is an interesting question because there are several ways this could be done. Here’s another method, using only three paths.

  1. Drop a horizontal and vertical guide to give you a centre origin. Lock the guides.

  2. Draw a circle centred on the origin, then fill it with purple, add a red stroke.

  3. Using the Arc Tool – draw a single arc that fits to the edge of the circle, stroke red, no fill. Then click Object > Arrange > Send to Back

  4. Using the centre origin again, draw a black circle, no fill, thick black stroke.

  5. Then group everything.

Example set up

  1. Now, open the Appearance panel, and click on the fx button, and click Distort & Transform > Transform

  2. Set the rotation angle to 45, copies to 7, enable the preview option to see it. Click OK to accept.

Example of applying transform

Source : Link , Question Author : sterling770 , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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