How do I earn more as remote freelance Graphic Designer?

I have worked as a Graphic Designer for almost a year. I was able to earn much more then I expected (I’m autodidact graphic designer), but now I think I have better skills and can price my work higher.

My areas of expertise : logo design, business card design, advertisement design, banner design, brochure design, menu design, photo editing and photo retouching.
To be honest most of the money I’ve earned was for image editing, which is rather technical then creative design work.

There is one problem – I’m working on quite well-known freelance website and clients are willing to pay up to £100 for a logo design (which is ok if the logo design process takes 2 days tops not weeks). I’ve done some research and found graphic designers who charge for example £500-1500 for one logo design and have a loads of clients!

How can I earn more? Where to find clients with a budget higher then £100?


You will never get more on sites like that. Those sites nickel and dime designers and look for cheap people that want a solution. They could careless about the designers because they get paid regardless of your headaches. The better approach would be to establish yourself with examples of your work on a personal website and communicate.

There are plenty of serious clients and companies that browse the boards such as Dribbble, Behance, etc. etc. Post your work actively and communicate what you can do. Restricting yourself to crappy low end sites that some will never make a living on is a terrible approach. Personally I would disconnect myself from those sites if you’re talking about getting into this professionally because some clients that find you and could turn around and search for you happen to run across that you offer the same services cheaper on a website they will go there.

You could also look for established quality agencies in your local areas that play a role in finding legit companies that are looking for serious relationships with designers. One thing I have found that is helpful when I was starting out in print design was to set good relations with the local mom and pop printers that have no intentions on designing.

This would depend on what you want. Although, based on what you’ve said, I would encourage you to stick with photo editing if you think you’re making a revenue and possibly look into meetups with local photographers or user groups instead of using low paying sites.

Source : Link , Question Author : Rachel , Answer Author : DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ

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