How do I ensure that an image with a heavy color overlay will be visible in professional print?

I have attached a detail of an image I created for a client. When printed on an inkjet you can barely see the overlayed image. I hoped that when professionally done it would be okay, but can anyone help me with how to check in advance whether the colours will be okay? I certainly don’t want my client to suffer with the end result.

Thank you, Andy

Image Detail


Most commercial printers will provide a color proof that is ostensibly a very good representation of the final output. Probably will have an additional cost attached to it, but definitely ask about it. If they decline to offer a proof before final printing, you may want to look around elsewhere for another printer.

Also, make sure your image is in CMYK format, not RGB. Not doing so can severely affect the color output.

Source : Link , Question Author : Andelad , Answer Author : DLev

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