How do I find a range of colors (ex. different blues) that will contrast well with another range of colors (ex. reds, yellows etc)?

I’ve searched online; I’ve used numerous color web apps; I’ve even spoken with my graphic designer – but I still don’t have a solution for this.

What I want to do is come up with a color guide or tool that helps pick colors that contrasts well when placed adjacent to each other.

Normally, this wouldn’t be too difficult of a problem to solve but there are a few criteria that makes this problem more of a headache:

  • Colors will be printed on a special kind of paper that affects the presentation of the colors enormously. This means colors will look different when printed out, but there will at least be consistency in the difference in color (from its digital counterpart).
  • All color families (ex. a green, a blue, a red, a yellow etc) will be suggested.
    – All color families should have as much contrast from each other as possible.
  • Colors suggested must be from a list of pre-selected colors.

A huge pain in the ass as you can see. I can’t simply use a web app because I have a (long) list of pre-approved colors to follow. And I can’t simply judge colors by their values alone because I want a color palette that includes all color families (as you know, some colors simply have more gray in them).

This is a difficult problem.

Does anyone know how to solve it?


This online app is more than enough to do your job.

Color Scheme Designer 3

Source : Link , Question Author : Atlas2k , Answer Author : Troy Woo

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