How do I find the original color version of b&w artwork?

I’m collecting late medieval and early renaissance artwork for a personal online project.

In doing that, I’ve accumulated a number of early-internet black and white images which I know originally come from full-color paintings — because I’ve seen some of those paintings in the past.

Neither Google Images nor Tineye seem to be able to find color versions of b&w images, nor are text-based searches including the artist’s name or work’s name (in those few cases I know either) working.

I’d really appreciate any suggestions as to how to use the b&w versions I have to find the color originals!

An example? Here’s one. I’ve seen this online in the form of a subtly-textured but wildly colorful painting dozens of times in the past, but can’t use this sketch version to find that again. Same with the others.

The sketch itself is attributed to Heinrich Aldegrever, and titled ‘Bildnis eines Jungen Mannes’:

enter image description here


I would go with a librarian like Scott suggested or even go to a local museum and speak with a curator. Preferably a museum that has some medieval artwork in it. If these aren’t options you might also consider if any university near you has either a Master of Art History program or Master of Medieval / European studies and speak with a professor.

Another option is to use Google Museum and Museum Websites – not sure what pieces you’re looking for but a lot are now online:

Google Art:

The Met – European Paintings:

The Met – Medieval Art:

Source : Link , Question Author : Paul Wagner , Answer Author : Ryan

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