How do I get rid of a background color (with a glow)

I have this image:

enter image description here

Is there any way to get rid of the red background (make it transparent) yet keep all the glow effects? So far I’ve only been able to remove the pure-red parts of the image, yet that leaves a red-glow fringe.

So wherever there’s red, I want it to be transparent, but wherever there’s shadow-glow, I want the red to be gone but the shadow to remain. Is this possible?


Greenfish Icon Editor Pro has this functionality out of the box. It is a function called “Remove Matte”, where you just specify the color component you want to be replaced with transparency. In your case red.

Here is the result of removing the red:

Removed red

Source : Link , Question Author : Vervious , Answer Author : Aᵂᴱ

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