How do I join two paths in Figma?

I’m trying to draw a symmetrical shape in Figma. Usually the way I do this is by drawing a path, then duplicating it and flipping it horizontally. In Illustrator, I would then be able to hit Ctrl+J to join the two paths, creating a closed shape that I could then fill.

But in Figma, when I select two paths, the Vector -> Join Selection (Ctrl+J) menu option is disabled. How do I join these vectors together?


You can make both lines part of the same vector by using Flatten (Ctrl+E).

Then you can select the points in the vector that you want to connect together and join them using VectorJoin Selection (Ctrl+J), or by using the Pen tool.

Source : Link , Question Author : DawnPaladin , Answer Author : DawnPaladin

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