How do I keep edged flush when tracing with the pen tool in Illustrator?

I’m just learning how to trace images with the pen tool in Illustrator -how do you trace when you have lines protruding from the whole (a line that offshoots) or when you have two objects which need to be flush with each other?

Is there a strategy for tracing a complex image with different shapes, such as a person wearing shirt?

For example, something like this:


Let’s say we have 2 shapes as on your picture (face + head).

I make these two shapes overlapping with the face layer below the “head”:

enter image description here

I duplicate the head layer, Select 1 head and face layers and by Pathfinder operation Minus Back get this perfect match –

enter image description here


Let’s say you should create long ray as you asked.
I choose on Direct Selection Tool (A) and click on the anchor point as in the picture:

enter image description here

Next, I press right arrow to move the anchor point to the desired location:

enter image description here

This is the result:

enter image description here

You can correct the curve operating handles of this anchor point.

Next, I thicken the stroke and expand – the picture will be perfect.

Source : Link , Question Author : Adam Morris , Answer Author : Ilan

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