How do I keep the gaussian blur with the same size and outline when downsizing?

enter image description here

I applied a gaussian blur to the shape on the left and when I try to downsize it to 24 px wide, the gaussian blur creates a “circle” around it (as shown on the shape on the right) rather than just the outline of the shape. How do I prevent that from happening?

Thanks in advance.


Depending on how you’re using your object, the only way I’ve been able to have my blurs stay when resizing is a cheat way.

What I did was save my blurred object as it’s own PDF, then place that PDF within the Illustrator file I’m working in. You can then resize that object to any size and it’ll keep your effects, strokes, etc., that didn’t scale before intact. The downsize is it’s not editable directly unless you open that PDF and edit it separately.

Source : Link , Question Author : Bekah , Answer Author : WELZ

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