How do I know which images are copyrighted and not?

Using google images you can find any image you want these days, even high resolution. The question is how do I know what I can use image wise in the graphic design work assuming that the graphic work is for non profit use?

For example, I want to use Garfield comic strip, a portrait of Mark Twain, a book cover of some novel. Are any of these things restricted or can I use them without seeking permissions? And do I have to even seek for permission?

Any help or good read is highly appreciated.


All images – everything you see – is copyrighted. Google images is not a viable search method for images to reuse.

If you want to reuse images, especially those of known origin, such as Garfield, you must contact the creator and ask permission. Often permission comes with a fee.

Source : Link , Question Author : ben , Answer Author : Scott

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